About Le Ran

Shanghai Le Ran Art Center (LRAC) is a subsidiary of Shanghai Zi Yue Culture Dissemination Limited Company. It is an amateur art training and performance organization which divided into Le Ran Theater, Le Ran Youth Theater, Le Ran Children’s Choir and Le Ran Art Training. LRAC is founded by those who care about art industry and people’s culture life. It stands in the forefront in its commitment to the highest ethical, moral, technical and artistic standards of excellence. The production team and instructors are professionals, highly qualified in teaching and/or performing, who embrace our mission statement, values, objectives and goals. All LRAC staff strives to be excellent role models. LRAC is dedicated to developing character in children and youth through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment and performance. Through professional guidance, LRAC provides a pleasant learning environment for those children who love music, theater and other arts to receive lessons and performance training, to bring out children's talent and potential, thus strengthening their confidence, positive self-esteem, team spirit and a sense of community.

乐然理念---HOLA- help others look amazing !! 帮助他人更加优秀

• Placing the maximum worth on children and treating each individual with respect and significance.

• Developing character values in individuals including commitment, discipline, self esteem, confidence and integrity.

• Supporting the family unit through the direct involvement of each family member’s talents, interests and abilities.

• Providing a quality product without compromising a wholesome environment.

• Being a role model promoting the awareness of a higher accountability.

Why choose Le Ran?

﹡ Professional instructor
﹡ Advanced education method
﹡ Professional education consultant
﹡ Standard management and operation mode
﹡ Comprehensive art form
﹡ Bilingual teaching
﹡ Musical theater brand project
﹡ International art and culture exchange program


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